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"Good service. We bought original blackout blinds for Colt Roto loft windows 7/9. 100% of satisfaction. I can confirm other positive opinions."
Elliott Baines, London

"We'd been searching for genuine Colt Roto blackout blinds and discovered them here. Efficient service and excellent quality blinds. Delighted with our purchase!"
Joanne Smith

"Packaging of the roller blinds was first class, shipping date according to assurances. I think that I’ll order from this company in the future."
Harry Thompson, Dublin, Ireland

"We bought genuine roller blinds for Colt Roto 320 Size 7/11. They were easy to install and included manual was also very helpful."
Roger Howe, Huddersfield

Awning blind Roto Screen ZAR

Awning blinds
Awning blind Roto Screen ZAR
Awning blind Roto Screen ZAR
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Here you will find a brief advice how to find the size/serial number of your Colt Roto roof window.

Manually operated awning blind Roto Screen ZAR Sun-Screen is the most affordable and the most effective way to protect against heating of the rooms in the attic. Awning blind Roto significantly improves climate of the rooms in the attic during hot summer months.

Screen made from the glass fibre, stretched over the window and coated with material resistant to the influence of environmental factors, absorbs and reflects heat radiation before it reaches the glass. You can stay in touch with the surroundings in the shade, because the openwork structure of the awning blind does not block out the view outside the window. Obscuring material of the Roto ZAR awning blind is made out of glass fibre in gray colour.

Advantages of using original awning blinds Roto Screen ZAR:

  • easy installation – you will be able to easily mount the blinds yourself, so you won’t have to additionally pay the technician
  • the most effective protection against the sun heat – absorbs and reflects the heat radiation before it reaches the glass
  • ideal fitting of the original Roto awning blind to the roof window
  • fabric structure of the blind does not block out the view outside the window
  • fibres of the fabric are additionally sealed for better protection against contaminations and influence of atmospheric factors
  • easy to use
  • protection of privacy by complete closing of the external blinds
  • possibility of unrestricted use with the open window
  • 2-year Roto warranty.

Important: genuine awning blinds Roto Screen ZAR fit only 339 and 539 models/Series of the Roto roof windows (first three digits from Roto name plate: 339 and 539). If you are unsure the size or name plate data of your window, please send us a picture of name plate on email: (this will help us to verify to which model and size of the window the given blind is being ordered).

Please note: all genuine Roto blinds are made to your individual order by Roto Frank - they are non-returnable products.

There may be slight differences between patterns and colours in the photos and real materials.

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